February 22 2022 - 3 Min Read

Spam is live!

By Spamapp Team


A funny thing happened to social media: It got complex.

Like, really complex.

Between an intense desire to curate the perfect vibe, to the pressures of likes and comments, to the endless stream of stickers, music, locations, drawings… it just all became a lot less about sharing real moments and a lot more about curating the perfect persona.

And with perfection comes intense pressure, but today's teens and young adults still want to share who they are without such high expectations — so they got creative.

When we noticed the rise of alt accounts across TikTok and Instagram, we knew these spam accounts were reigniting what made social media so good to begin with: real moments, real expression and no judgment.

So, we invited thousands of Gen Z early adopters to join our community on Discord and test our attempts at a better experience. With their input over the last several months, we've created something that we're excited to share with you all now.

Enter spam app

With spam app, we created a healthier social media app — one that's free from the pressure of traditional social media and makes it easy to share real memories with friends.

On spam app you can instantly post without judgment. We removed the complexity standing in the way of real moments, so all you have to do is capture and share. Plus, we made likes and comments private, so you can still react with your friends but forget about any pressure. And, posts stay on your profile to make it simple to look back anytime.


Get out there and start spamming. It's time to create a shared memory roll with friends.

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